Big things with little cars

All the matchboxes.

Yeah, I got some sweet matchboxes. Slantback, ftw. Aircooled volkswagens are the only volkswagens.


Because it’s just so galdang hawt. I’m a big bummer and beemer guy; this 2002 is much wow.

Yisss. Perfect tampos. Perfect everything, really. And it’s a roundie, unlike the hw cast. Which is also awesome.


I have exactly two pontiac grand prix 1:1s, and exactly two little grand prix. The first was an ‘86, bright gold with the 307 and faux wires. That went 244k until I gave it to a friend, who promptly blew it up. Then I had an ‘04 gt2, which was the most luxurious vehicle I have ever owned. Now I have this superb (look at that silver lining!) baby version, and a 1/18 of the same car in black.


Much hrrnngh. The coupe is dead; long live le coupe.

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