Good Morning LaLd! Hope you all are going to your local stores to check out diecast. I know I will be after this gets done. I just wanted to share with you a car I nearly forgot about. Right now we’ve got the Hotwheels Elite 30th Anniversary GohstBusters Ecto 1 complete with any detail you can imagine for a Hotwheel product. As soon as I orderd it I asked myself if I was a complete moron? Now, since I ordered it on Amazon, I was excpecting it to look terrible, and come in bad condition. It came with mild shelf wear on the box, which is pretty normal, so I already felt better. However, I will admit it did take a little time to warm up to this one, but I fell in love with it and I convinced myself it was worth it. Please forgive the one or two pictures I just could not get right. 😎


I tried to find something anlittle different than Nascar for now. That was a little difficult, maybe I’ll find something cool today out in the black friday weekend you-know-what-show. But I remembered that the dust was getting pretty heavy on this one, so she’s free once again! Hope you all like it. This one brings out your inner kid for sure.