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Altered Ego

This is from the Real Riders series released a few years ago. Its name is a word play of its Class of dragsters. Per wikipedia,altereds were essentially stock gas, alcohol, or fuel-class cars with parts removed or changed. The Altered category originated “for cars with moderate changes”, according to the rulebook. It developed from out of the Hot Roadster, Fuel Coupé, and Fuel Sedan categories. In 1956, it was divided in three classes by weight break: A (up to 6.59 lb/cu in (182 kg/L)), B (6.6–8.59 lb/cu in (183–238 kg/L)), and C (8.6 lb/cu in (240 kg/L) and up).”

The AA/FA markings mean that Altered Ego is a Supercharged A Fuel coupe.


I bought this solely to harvest its wheels. It would, however, be a waste not to showcase it before harvest time.

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