I'm a pretty big fan of Tomica, mainly due to their models being based on real cars with decent amounts of detail at a reasonable price. So when I saw this mixed in with a lot of tomica at a local hobby shop, I got pretty tempted, if only out of sheer curiosity.

The box is pretty much doing everything to try and blend in with the tomica boxes, and considering where I found this thing (placed on the same shelf as the tomica models,) it worked pretty well, everything from the product shot on a white background, to the series number (though there aren't actually over five thousand of these things, I've checked.) All the allusions to tomica packaging help evoke a sense of premium quality...

And I got suckered in.

The product inside is an entirely different story.


The paint is a little dodgy thanks to the application of white on blue instead of silver as shown on the box. This makes the paintwork a little splotchy and allows the blue paint to shine through in areas where the paint is thinly applied.

Also, notice something?


The spoiler is painted wrongly when compared to the box art. On the box art, the entire spoiler is silver or pearlescent white. On the model itself, there is a white middle portion flanked by two blue segments.

As this truck is supposed to be an animal carrier, the truck is shown transporting white tigers. The tigers were moulded as part of the cage in order to save cost.


It's a little lazy but somehow you can imagine some Korean men at a meeting saying, "We need to save as much as we can without making this truck look any worse. We've already spent all of our boo boo points on the truck cab, the back has to look good or nobody will buy our stuff ever again. I know, let's put white tigers in a white cage."

I cleaned up the tigers before taking these pictures. They were covered in mold flash when they first came out of the box.

I'm not sure what to call it, as far as I can tell, this isn't a copy of an existing mold from another company, but at the same time the box tries to fit in with tomica while hiding a cheaply made model inside.


So is it a knockoff? I can't really tell. What do you guys think?