Big things with little cars

The US Tomy website’s Tomica page has been updated with the third wave of Tomicas for the US and Canadian markets.

It’s a smaller wave compare to Wave 1 and 2, with only 4 vehicles rather than 6.

But it’s a pretty neat assortment, from the high performance Nissan GT-R Police Car, the stylish and potent Toyota Crown Athlete, the rugged yet charming Suzuki Jimny, and the long hawling Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great with Tomica containers on the rear.


Price remains the same as Waves 1 and 2, and it’s expected that the case sizes might be the same, which could mean that with a case size of 12, which with waves 1 and 2 meant 2 of each of the 6 cars, with a 4 car wave, it’s likely that each case will have three of each, making them easier to find.

The only other notable change is the lack of ‘Only at Walmart’ stickers, as people have shown on Reddit.

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