This is a huge box! And $10 to mail it!! I have a good feeling about this one...

First up:

Hot Wheels Connect Cars from a few years ago (which you can still purchase at select New Jersey Shoprites) for the state of Minnesota! What car better says "Land of 10,000 Lakes" more than a custom liveried Twin Mill? Well, pretty much any that you could think of would probably be better, honestly. Admittedly an attempt to connect "Twin Cities" with "Twin Mill" is halfheartedly pursued. But why this car/state combo? Well I have a certain affection for the Twin Mill, as being as it is an original Hot Wheel and one whose Super I actually found on the pegs (the only such Super I own).

My mother grew up in Minnesota and I've been inside that giant mall. Also I've learned that 10,000 lakes translates into approximately 10 billion mosquitos.


This is the only Connect car I have, and I must admit the "lego brick" like case is a pretty cool display piece. I don't have any pics of the Twin Mill inside it, because I had other, cooler cars for that.

Continuing with the theme of cars + states, here are a few Matchbox meant to represent Massachusetts for their own 50 state series


What diecast best represented MA? The 1962 VW Beetle, of course!

Get it? "Patriot Tea"!

I also love the trailer hitch on these. The '62 featured the 1200 engine which put out 40 horsepower and could push a Beetle almost past the speed limit (72 mph).


Frosted also included a taxi version of the 62 Beetle, which would seem crazy but is also the official vehicle of modern day I guess stick with what works?

Even though I am much more of a European car guy, this Corvette caught my eye. A wheel swap (maybe with some whitewalls?) and this guy will look sweeeet!


Finally in this massive package was a 23 window Type 2! Playworn and featuring some unfortunate (and lazy) tampos, this is still obviously the best of the bunch.


The ragtop sunroof (which added another 8(!) windows shows off a well done interior)


Any guess as to who ended up in the display case?

Frosted and I have been trading since way back in the OPPO days. I highly recommend making a deal with him!