After finishing my 356 custom... I had some paint left, so I thought of doing another one, to turn a ‘naked’ cast into a ‘fully clothed’ one. :D The 356 was full of round curves... for the next one, I wanted something low and sexy. As it happened, I did have a cast that was exactly that - a Mclaren F1.

So I took it apart, again, and proceeded to sand it off... preparing it for a coat of paint. As I was about to do it, I stopped, looked at the body .... and then put the cap on the paint can back on. I changed my mind at the last second.... it just looked gorgeous the way it is, couldn’t bring myself to ‘cover it up’ :D


So I guess, its decided, this cast will remain as a ‘zamac’.... and I think I made the right decision. :)


Thanks for viewing