Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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An increasing issue that needs to stop!

A common issue that is occurring is the theft/returns of M2 castings!

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The truck had a body swap, the van has had its wheels swapped, and all of the bootleggers had wheels swapped. This wouldn’t be bad but they were all retuned to the store!

I’ve seen people go lower and return the cases with hot wheels or even cheap brands and Walmart, targets, and other stores don’t care or bother to check they just accept them.


This isn’t funny it’s sad that a customizer who can’t use all of the parts or cheap skate who couldn’t afford the car has to do this. What it’s doing is hurting the real collecters and stores cause the returns tell the computer that this item isn’t popular so re-ordering more might not be a good idea and these returns just sit around clogging space.

If you are the one doing this you are not a true collector and your customs are garbage for having stolen parts on them! Be responsible and try offering up unused parts to others I know several people who look for certain bodies/wheels/other parts that would kindly pay a bulk price with shipping just to keep them off the store shelves. If you can’t afford the casting don’t buy it try hiding it or reach out to someone who can make a deal don’t put garbage in the case just to save 6 bucks or more depending on the size.

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