So today was looking like a hawl free day. Took the family out to an annual show/carnival that was originally an agricultural show held in the city of Melbourne known as the Royal Melbourne show. As the years go by it has become less agricultural focused and more of a carnival type thing now sadly, it’s still a good day out but not what it used to be. On the upside I found a Hot Wheels booth and scored some casts that I’ve not found on the pegs here yet.

This cap came in a HW show bag, made me laugh when I read it. Had the damn song stuck in my head on high rotation ever since!

Here was the oasis I discovered, I’d hoped for some awesome Real Rider casts and some discounted pricing. Sadly neither occurred. But I did find these and payed the $3 per cast to bring them home.


Originally I just got a few including a Brat or Brumby UTE!! as it’s known here. I DLM’d it as soon as I was out of there and decided I need more of them so went back in for round two. Then found the white NSX and 370Z casts. They had so many Brats, Superbirds and NSX I grabbed some extras.

Today was a good day.