The MakerSpace opened up across the street from my workplace this month. First class I signed up for was to learn the 3D printers. Yesterday I got to sit down and queue up my first print. Of course, it had to be a 1:64 scale car.

I present to you the Casalini Sulky! (I bet Jonee has owned a couple of these...)

This was mostly a test print... as you can see it’s not exactly smooth (especially on the hood). I probably will try this print again at a different angle. First try had it on it’s roof as a flat point with a structure fill to keep the hood from drooping, this was to aim for more precision in the axle wells. But I think I will try the reverse next.  Also, I’ll probably print the next one a few sizes larger. 1:64 for this little car is crazy small... I dont have any wheels that will fit! haha.