I’m so happy I decided to start customizing little cars again. I can’t even really call what I used to do customizing, just tampo removal and the occasional wheel swap. And I’m really glad I’m starting with the 356 Outlaw, it is very challenging, and it seems to be almost a Club-Custom project here at LaLD. Anyway, here’s where I’m at:

The one on the right has all the mold parting lines removed, the middle one is next, having all the lines marked and the hood straps taped off and ready for the sandpaper and files, the one on the left will be after that. Also, the one on the right is the one with the divot in the roof, so it still has to be filled.

IMHO, the hood line, between the straps, and the one across the rear, between the tail lights, are the hardest, without a doubt, but I’m getting it. Patience with the sandpaper and files is the key. I’ve found that I can’t cover the tail lights with tape to avoid nicking them, because I can’t see the line with tape in the way.
Which brings me to a clarification I need to make.
Yesterday, when AlienProbe shared his Outlaws, I mentioned that I was at about the same place with mine. I also wrote that after about 10-20 cars, that I’d be “up to snuff with this.”
I didn’t mean that I’d be any kind of good at customizing, I meant with this casting, I’d be familiar enough to be comfortable with it.
I have a lot to learn and a long way to go before I can declare myself “good,: and I wouldn’t show that kind of hubris even then.
I’m just happy to be learning this along some very talented folks here at LaLD, and I appreciate all the patience y’all have shown answering my endless questions. Thank you. There will be more...