And Now, Back to Our Regular Programming...

Friday afternoon, the “cyclone bomb” (?) nor’easter storm, call it what you will, knocked out all power in the area until last night.

So, no power, and, not too ironically, no heat!

So, of course, last night my house was warmer than it’s ever been in the winter months, and gratefully so.


I didn’t sit around on my hands, hit up a couple of new vendors at the ol’ indoor/outdoor flea corral on both weekend days...and, am more ready than before to have things to show for LaLD Car Week 2018.

I hope everyone else has power, and heat.

After power was restored, I had to take one of the work trucks out to lend a hand. Some of the utility workers were amused, glad to give them something to smile about in the midst...


Matchbox Utility Truck ©1989
From the great Fintail Sale Event of ‘17
(thanks again!)

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