Vintage and made in the USA. I’m referring to the pressed-steel toys that were popular in the US during the early 20th century. Toys like Tonka, Buddy-L and Ny-lint to name a few. A lot of the toys made by these companies were really big, heavy and durable. And their durability are not just marketing gimmicks, it can even withstand the weight of a child seating on top of the toy. And there wasn’t a lot if any quality control issues. Here we have a Nylint (formerly Ny-lint) Mobile Home.

This truck pulls a dual-wheel trailer and the truck and trailer is at least 30 inches in length. The truck is based on a Ford and even has the word Ford printed on the wheels/hubcaps and on the front of the truck.

The roof on the trailer opens and this comes with plastic furnitures which are made in Hong Kong.



For me I can see that this is the kind of toy that can be shared by both boys and girls with boys playing with the truck and the girls playing with the furniture and possibly supplementing it with a doll.

With Nylint’s commercial slogan “Built to Last” this sample toy is truly a testimony.