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And So It Begins...

I now have a display cabinet. That cabinet has plenty of empty space. There is a desire to fill said space with items of the 1:18 variety.

I’m incredibly pleased with this latest acquisition. It may only be a sealed body, but sitting beside the other Aston - it just looks so right. It’s previous owner was a dedicated chap whose collection spanned several cabinets. All manner of makes proudly on display, with an interesting story behind each. A few notable Audi group products caught my eye, but I so caught up in enjoying his collection that I never got around to examining them further.


Yes, the Vantage isn’t seated properly on its base. I had rather rushed getting it back on to position the lights that I didn’t notice the pedestals were flipped around. I’m sure I’ll do a proper re-shoot in a few months when it fills up with more stuff, but for now this will do. It brings me great joy just seeing these two on a shelf together at last.

As for the cabinet: it’s the Detolf unit from Ikea. Nothing really beats it for the quality and price, at least that I’ve found on short notice. For something held upright by three panes of thick glass and two ladder structures, it’s amazingly solid. Building it myself wasn’t too difficult other than the fact that the plastic pieces holding the glass together are directional, and it’s not marked. Once assembled, the unit weighs in at 40 lbs, give or take.


The light fixtures I used were the Omlopp LED spotlights, also from Ikea. At 100 lumens they are exceedingly bright and easy to mount, although they do only penetrate 1-2 layers of glass. The light thrown is sufficient to illuminate 80% of the model directly below it at that height, and with the ambient lights dimmed the display cabinet is truly a beaut.



Bonus: since the Omlopp is a 3000K (sunrise) unit, I wanted to see what the British Racing Green would look like under my usual 5500K (daylight) lightbox unit.


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