This will be similar to the previous set up, with minor differences. Rules are below, in bold. New rules/changes will be normal font. The event will run April 3th-10th.

I had the idea of a diecast version of an event like Monterrey Car Week. We would have 7 days of events each focusing on a different type of car, and perhaps scale. On the last day, we would have a Concours with each of us bringing out our best car. We would have three judges who CANNOT enter a car in the event. Each entrant would be limited to 1 entry per scale and the 3 scales accepted would be



1/64 (customs allowed)

All previous winning cars are NOT eligible for following Car Weeks! Previous winners:


Now you’re probably thinking something like this: “But wait. How are the judges going to judge the cars?” That is a good question, and I have an answer. The entrant takes the best pics they can of the car and the three judges will each do a mental Concours D’Modella (CDM) of the cars. If you are interested in helping with this event, please tell me!


Example of CDM for this event:

Accuracy: X/15

Fit and Finish: X/15

Features: X/10 (for 1/64 this would be for levels of detail or lenses as opposed to paint)


Value: X/10

Total: X/50

This event will be started on the

4th of April

and the winner will be announced on the

10th of April

at 3pm Eastern time. All entries must be posted by the

8th at 11:59 Eastern

at the latest! All entries must use the tag “LaLD Car Week”! There will be one winner per scale. The categories are as follows:

Best in show (overall)

2nd place (overall)

3rd place (overall)

Best of 1/18

2nd best 1/18

3rd best 1/18

Best of 1/43

2nd best 1/43

3rd best 1/43

Best of 1/64

2nd best 1/64

3rd best 1/64

People’s choice 1/18

People’s choice 1/43

People’s choice 1/64

There are a total of 15 possible winners!


Day 1. Land of the Rising Sunday

Day 2.’MURICA Monday

Day 3.Teutonic Tuesday

Day 4.Wacky Wednesday (Our weirdest, most Jalop cars)

Day 5.Thursday on the Thames (British)

Day 6. Free for all Friday (Cars that don’t fit in a given category)

Day 7:Voting

Day 8:Winners announced


If you would like to suggest a different theme (preferably pretty broad themes, so everyone can participate), please tell me in the comments! I will also need 3 judges!