Big things with little cars

A shoutout to TFritch, because without trying he reminded me that I didn’t share the other 1/55 Jada F&F car I got. The one I actually customized, and am planning on building a diorama for it. I bought this one for it’s wheels as well.

Original car without said wheels.
About to be stripped with another project.
Primered up.
Painted it white, the color was too weak. So I washed it off.
Blue is a much better color!
A black head because why not?

Then things took a turn for the interesting. Using a brown oxide looking paint, I dabbed a sponge brush into it, and gently applied it to the car. I love the results, and I’m eagerly awaiting to try it on a 1/24 car for that diorama.

Hush, this looks fantastic.
Can you feel the rust? Can you!?
Again, this looks fantastic.

Looking at these pics again, I’ve added taillights too, so these pics are a tad old.

The project is currently on hold because I need to invest my time in my other projects, :p. But I won’t forget about it. I’m thinking of picking up a few more Jada 1/55 cars to steal the wheels, and rust the body. Then perhaps I can make a small car graveyard. That's the plan at least, :).

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