I have come to the conclusion that every store in my area is absolute garbage at stocking. I’ve tried every target & Walmarts within 20miles of my House, and I’ve come up with nothing good.

Most of the stock seems to be 5-6 cases behind, and what’s left on the pegs is almost entirely fantasy.

I can’t seem to find car culture sets to save my life, and while I sometimes resort to buying cars online, it’s not nearly as enjoyable as picking them up in store.

Ever since JH2 released, car culture has all but vanished from the pegs, (I haven’t figured out if it’s Scalpers or the Price increase- I have only seen Eurospeed, and even that’s becoming scarce- I haven’t seen anything else really since Modern Classics) and I definitely have not seen any of the non-Halo RetroEntertainment (well and the Star Trek stuff above). I’ve seen plenty of pop culture and DC cars, but nothing else. It’s getting upsurd.

I never found a 917 LM in store, so I had to “resort” to buying one off R32Rennsport just so I had one in my collection. Now I want to use it as a donor for a project, but I also want it for my collection and I don’t want to buy another one.


Even the M2 & Autoworld selection at my local Walmart’s have all but vanished. The only M2 I could find were the big rigs, and not a “single” car, which is a shame because I love the cases.

I’m not a hardcore collector, but it’s seriously discouraging going to a store just to see the same cars you saw over a month prior.

Wish I had a specialty hobby store near me...