Spoilers below:

Porsche takes home their 19th overall win, 3rd in a row! Amazing stuff. Maybe they can make it 20 next year!

Poor Toyota had their top two cars die within an hour of each other... luckily their 3rd car managed to get its hybrid system fixed so they could claw their way back to a 9th overall. Only two LMP1s to finish the race!

This was the only year I even paid attention to LMP2. Probably because they had a chance to get overall wins (got second and third overall) and that Jackie Chan Racing (yeah that Jackie Chan) won the LMP2 class and got 2nd overall! Looks like Chinese racing will become pervasive for the future!

GT-Pro came down to the last lap... Corvette was being attacked by Aston Martin quite strongly on the third to last lap. Corvette defended well and retook the lead when Aston blew past and overcooked a corner a little too much. Unfortunately there was a little contact coming out of that corner. At the end of the second to last lap Corvette was overtaken as it became clear that the small contact in the previous lap caused one of his tires to lose pressure. Aston easily took the win at that point. Was quite the battle. The top 4 GT-Pro cars were all on the same lap at the very end.


GT-AM was a bit more spread out, but was taken by one of the awesome-looking 488-GTE cars. My favorite car of the race, the Larbre Corvette finished last overall, but hey they finished with 309 laps. The Porsche 919 took 367 laps.

Overall was a good race: no rain, and I think the slow zones were a success in keeping the race going. For me the biggest surprise were 2 LMP2 cars causing crashes in the lower classes... usually it’s the other way around....


Can’t wait til next year!!