So I finally got Edu-petrolhead's package sent out to me today. This will be my first International HWEP and I can't wait to get my cars coming from his end. I had to take an extra two days because I had to throw a little something extra special in for him. I figured since I'm going to spend all this money to send something to our neighbor continent down south I might as well throw in something extra that he wont be able to get anywhere else. As we were emailing back and forth about the cars we wanted, he made the comment about me learning some Portuguese from the newspaper he stuffed into the box and with that comment a custom was born. So Edu-petrolhead it getting his very own personal custom. I won't say what it is other than its a Lesney casting. I wanted it to be a surprise for him when he opens up the package and I figured I would let him post some pictures of it after he gets it. Its not a super crazy custom but it will fit right in with his collection. I hope he enjoys it when it gets there.