Been busy over the past several days so I have a lot of catching up to do on LaLD! First, though, I wanted to share this quick Walmart hunting story...seems a few of us had this same experience over the past weekend! Walked over to the HW’s section and noticed all these unopened boxes. Of course my first thought was the possibility of finding some awesome goodies but low and behold as I walked to the other side of the stack of boxes, someone had gotten to the diecast before me. There were M2, MBX and HW’s boxes. Whoever got their first was no amateur! The 510's and Gassers were gone from the 50th Annv favs, the Civics, CR-X and Racer were missing from the Honda box and there was a, from what I can gather, a chase missing from the M2 1:24 box.

A few minutes later, another fellow diecast connoisseur approached and began looking over the pilferage with me and of course we struck up a great conversation about the hobby. So to sum up the story (and get on with the photos) we ended up opening the new cases (which were buried and untouched) and started stocking the shelves. He found the $TH Cuda, I found the TH Bumper Car.


1. I have an extra MBX Working Rigs Hauler if anyone is interested.

2. I’m also looking for a Johnny Lighting Karman Ghia if anyone is interested in the VW Squareback.


3. One of the CLS500 is up for HWEP as well.