Another mystery car for which I’m asking for your help in discerning the manufacturer.

One more no name from the market of fleas, somewhat humorous. The roof says Pantera GTS, but the base says Pantara GTS.

This is what the wheels look like, a flat disc with 5 fins/spokes radiating from the center to the rim.



No brand on it, no logo. GTS and 77 on the hood. DETOMASO PANTERA (spelled correctly) on the roof. I scoured the bay and it appears to be a fairly decent copy of a Tomica Pantera in most aspects.

I didn’t find any exact duplicates on the bay. I found a few that were really close in a google search, but must had no wing, and the others had other subtle differences.


It rolls. That’s about it. Nothing opens. It’s a decent enough casting, but the machinist decided to not sign it or put any logo on it.


Since the base has the name machined in, the deliberate misspelling might be an effort to avoid copyright infringement. However, the correct spelling on the roof make that debatable, especially with the DeTomaso name tight there too.

Any ideas?
Also, it may have been stored in a flower garden, was really dirty when I got it, this is after a good cleaning with a toothbrush. No cavities.