Big things with little cars

Anti-DLM TH Toyota AE-86 Corolla.

Sitting there on the front peg in the middle of the Hot Wheels. A racing theme AE-86 Corolla that I been wanting! It was like a holy moment, clutched it as close to me as possible while browsing for more, but had other things to do today.

Little did I know is that I have a Super Treasure Hunt AE-86 Corolla! Just weeks into my new Hot Wheels hobby I found a TH right on the front peg!!!!!!111!! OMGWTFBBQ Emageerrddd :D


Dem chrome rim wheels

The detail!


So awesome!


I had a temptation to tear it open or even sell it for profit (that would make me a scalper :O , but I was going to use the $ to buy the Maisto Jeep Wrangler ;)


But something tells me not and I'll hold on to you spectraflame red corolla.

It's a Good Friday indeed. :)

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