So I swung by the antique mall today and found a few more cars for the collection. But first, the + 1. I found this one at the thrift store. Paid a whole $.29 for it.

I do love me some GT40. Excellent shape, too!

So the antique mall. I’ve got this week off so my wife and I went to check out any after Christmas deals. While we didn’t find any antiques to buy, I did find some cars to add to my collection.

Old JL 1970 Mustang. Such a nice looking car from before they went under. I paid $3 for this one and I think that’s a good deal considering what new JL cost.

Comparatively, this Matchbox version is nice as well, but is a little bit bright from all of the chrome.


Still, the black with silver stripes look nice and again, it’s in excellent shape. I picked this one up in a 4 car baggie for $2. The Mustang, two donation cars that will probably go to the special needs classroom at the school I work for, and one other car. I actually didn’t buy the baggies for the Mustang if you can believe that. It was for another car that has been one I’ve thought about buying and fixing up and have wanted to own since I was a small boy. This particular version is a fastback, but I’d take any version, be it this or the square back or the notch back. This is my favorite Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Type 3.



There is little play wear on this. The tail lights have a little chipping and the paint could use a little polishing but overall, this car is in great shape. Considering I basically picked this up for a dollar, I’d say it was a good day.

Thanks for looking, happy hunting and, for those who observe (celebrate?) it, Happy Boxing Day!