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Antique Mall HAWL!

So my wife and I took a few days off to enjoy some time off work and also enjoy each other. Hence, my lack of posts and comments save for a couple here and there. But today I thought I’d catch up a little since I scored pretty big at one of the local antique malls. I also picked up a couple of cars at Walmart as well. So let’s get to it!

First up are some AWs including the ‘67 Mustang GT that ZTP teased me with, the ‘70 Cadillac Coupe DeVille and the ‘84 Mustang SVO I scored the other day after the ParkerFest car show.


Next up, the C7.R and Ozaki Datsun 240Z, because racecar!

Three Porsches: the 996 911 GT3 Cup, the 997 911 GT3, and the 997 911 GT2.


And a Porsche 918 Spyder.


And more Mustangs. The 11 car is in white white I already had it in silver. This one may stay carded as the other is already DLM’d. The yellow one is actually an Eleanor model from the Nick Cage version of Gone in Sixty Seconds. And finally a ‘70 Mach1 in purple because I love purple.


And finally, two ‘07 Shelby GT500s one black with silver stripes and white with proper Guardsmen Blue Le Mans stripes. So happy to have found this one. And also, a blue 2010 Mustang GT. It looks to be more of the Deep Impact Blue of modern Mustangs as opposed the the actual Kona Blue that would have been on this car, but I still think it’s a beautiful looking cast.

As you can see, the blisters have price tag leftovers on them as I wanted to expose as much as I could and get this posted. I will remove the rest on the cars that will stay carded but that will be determined later. I scored most of the HWs for $0.89 and the rest for $0.99. There was one stall that had some of the Porsche Series already marked up to $2.50 and the green ‘69 Mustang from the Cool Classics marked at $7.50!!! As mush as I want a second one to DLM, I’m not paying that much.

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