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Antique Mall HAWL. -Lots of HW JDM Goodness!-

I decided to stop by one of my favorite antique mall haunts. Turned out to be a good decision because the JDM gods were smiling upon ol’ AP today.

I picked up this ‘34 Ford mainly for the real riders to use for customs. It’s pretty beat up and missing a headlight. I won’t shed a tear when drilling this one.
I think this is an S-10? Not sure. Nothing on the base. It’s pretty much mint and was in a bin of .50 cent cars. I’ve never seen this particular HW truck before.
sweet Yatming Toyota 2000Gt.
This is an oddball. But for two quarters, I couldn’t pass it up. Matchbox Light beemer? I think maybe it glows in the dark. Will have to zap it under the light and find out.
I am so happy to find another one of these 2nd gen Rx7 turbos by MC Toy. This is a great platform for customs. once all the paint is off, the details are quite nice.
Fantastic ‘62 Chevy.
shortcard Civic
Zamac Cougar. I love the green tampos. looks awesome.
Couple of different Datsun trucks for my collection.
Mean Vega and Bluebird Wagon <3
Skylines skylines skylines.
Found a pair of these Skyline 2000GT-R’s. If anyone needs the second one and wants to set up a trade just let me know.

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