Made it down (up for me) to the NOLA these past couple days for a little relaxation and to celebrate an anniversary. Very cool to experience bourbon street and the culture here. We did hit the garden district, but didnt realize most stores there close at 5pm. Lots of neat stuff at this antique shop and could have spent another two hours inside but did find a model I couldn’t pass up.

Hard to find any gen 2 (2004-2009) Prius diecast aside from eBay, so for 5 bucks I couldn’t say no. I thought it was a tomica from the box thru the window, but it is a Japanese brand “Yujin”. 1/72 scale, if you have anymore info feel free to chime in.


Love my e36 m3’s, even the rougher examples. Down the street from madam laveaus house, is this where M cars go to live out their final days, or did this guy just have too much fun on bourbon street?