Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Like any pics I try to post on this site, I can’t get a screenshot of it on good ol’ Kinja, (Time for another blood sacrifice to the Kinja Gods?) but it basically says:

“Morning, Please see attached and confirm.

Sincerely M2 support”

Then below the message, it shows a “Word” attachment. It also shows my original e-mail that they never replied to that I sent last April. (I was complaining about their poor quality control.) Spam?


Below is the message and my intial message e-mail in April:



Please see attached and confirm.


M2 Machines


Castline, Inc.

985 W. 8th Street

Azusa, CA 91702

626.969.8299 p

626.969.8200 f

Sent: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 22:15:08 +0000
Subject: Problem with auto hauler semi


We have a lot of M2's. My son who is 8 loves them, he displays and doesn’t play with them, see attached pics. However, about 1/2 of his cars have had some sort of quality issues. Broken or bent wheels very scratched paint. He recently received an auto hauler that had one Goodyear eagle tire, where there should’ve been a redline tire. He was quite upset about it. I thought you needed to know that. Please keep up the good work with your models, but please work on your quality control. Thank you!!

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