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Big things with little cars

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“Holy grail” of Hot Wheels cars could sell for $150,000

by Ronan Glon

The “holy grail” of Hot Wheels cars could sell for $150,000, according to British television show Antique Roadshow. The model in question is a prototype of a Volkswagen bay-window Bus manufactured in 1969.


The seller explains he received the prototype from his father who worked as a foreman at Mattel Corporation in California, and he kept a period business card to add credibility to his story. He remembers his dad telling him the prototype wasn’t approved for production because it was too top-heavy; it had a tendency to tip over and fall off the track after getting shot out of Hot Wheels’ Super-Charger.

His dad advised him to keep the Bus in a safe place because it might be valuable one day. The model — called Beach Bomber — was redesigned before entering production. The two plastic surfboards were mounted on the side to lower the center of gravity, and it received darker windows.


Antique Roadshow explains there were 40 different variations of the Beach Bomber prototype painted in various colors. Dark red prototypes are among the rarest; this one is in near-mint condition, and its unique provenance adds to its desirability. It’s consequently expected to sell for anywhere between $100,000 and $150,000, which makes it more valuable than a real bay-window Bus in near-mint condition.

Story via Motor1.


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