Big things with little cars

I feel like we should be doing this monthly anyway. So... I’m going to throw one out there and see if anyone wants to play. The rules are:

This will be for the month of June. Giving enough time to locate, at least the Nascar. The rules for this (first ever) round are as follows...


The wheels and interior will be coming from a Nascar! It doesn’t matter what car you put them in, but “the entire interior” will be from a Nascar. Wheels too!

I feel like this can go many different ways. So, It should be fun for all.

There won’t be a winner because we’re all here to have fun anyway, so don’t be afraid to try.


All I ask is that you don’t take an existing custom and modify it to fit. I could easily take my unfinished 6x6 Lotus . That isn’t fair. all projects must be new.

Anyone interested in a challenge????

The # of wheels doesn’t matter as long as they all match.

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