Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Anyone Interested In This Stuff?

Time for some spring cleaning. I am truly getting overwhelmed with the amount of excess die casts that I have laying around. I’m switching gears so to speak this time of year to focus on my 1:1 projects so I could also use the additional funding, though trades are encouraged as usual. I’ll most likely do a large for sale post over on our Facebook marketplace in the next few dsys seeing as this isn’t really the place. So consider this your heads up. It’s a mix of a little of everything, hot wheels, matchbox, premium stuff, newer mainlines, older mainlines from as early as 1990. The carded tubs are both 3 levels high at 80+ and each loose tub is probably 100 in each. All are duplicates that were either gifted, traded or found at yard sales. As usual I’ll be more then reasonable on pricing if you cover shipping.

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