Big things with little cars

Anyone looking to trade?

Hi anyone looking to trade?

I’m open to see what you have , but off the top of my head, I am interested in:

Golf Country

Defender 4 door

VW Transporter

Lexus GS

Station wagons / vans

Japanese cars in general, basics/mainlines but I already have most of the new popular stuff.



Subaru Brat

HW Minitrek

HW The Vanster

Citroen DS

Also happy to pay $ if you have something I am looking for but you don’t see anything you want in return. Or hit me up with your wish list and I can dig through my stash.

For trade:


‘70 Dodge Charger


Meter Made

Tuk Tuk

Nissan Fairlady Z Advan (2X)

Datsun 240Z #24 black

Datsun 240Z #24 white

Renault Megane Trophy

‘70 Ford Escort RS1600

Mazda REPU (2X)

Toyota OFf Road Truck Falken

‘83 Chevy Silverado FRAM

VW T2 tan

VW T2 white

VW Caddy

Duck Boat

Chevy Avalanche

El Viento TH

Ford Transit Connect


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