Big things with little cars

Somehow came across 3 RS6 Avants at CVS.

Here are other things I have for trade:

Hot Wheels American cars
Hot Wheels Japanese cars
Hot Wheels European cars

I’m looking for solid-wheel Lesney Matchbox cars to restore (see list here) and modern Matchbox cars with the tri-spoke wheel. Color does not matter with the wheels. I’m also interested in any brand of classic race car in 1/64 (Porsche 917, Ferraris etc). I’ll gladly do 2-for-1 (or more depending on the cars) or any deal that seems fair to the both of us.

Not pictured but also available for trade is a HW Team Transport Snake and a HW Mazda Furai.


You can reach me at jakethecopywriter at gmail dot com.

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