Remember the short lived series about that crustacean crime fighter, Lobsterman? This was his Car!

Just kidding, he drove a Ford...but it is an unidentified off brand split window Corvette, and I’m asking for your help with identifying the maker.

Tribal flames, but, those wheels aren’t exactly what they look least to me.
The wheels do look familiar, right? Up close they appear to be knock offs of the old familiar ones.
Looks like they have a USA trading partner in Pennsylvania.


The detail on the Corvette is very good, although the grill is non stock, and there’s even a little nub for the radio antenna on the rear deck. The axles have rusted, on a car that doesn’t show a lot of play-wear, something I’ve been seeing more and more on the “newer” off brands. Whose ever turn it is with the molds, they’re using a really cheap grade of axle steel. This one won’t even roll an inch, so it will be better-fied...
I found a few photos on the Swifty’s Garage site, but they didn’t say who made it. The thread sounded like everyone involved knew what it was so it wasn’t necessary to give the brand...dang it!
Nothing on any other site yet, anyone out there know?