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Anyone want to go to Rennsport Reunion VI?

Hey everyone. So I realized today that Rennsport Reunion VI is this year at Laguna Seca (like the last two) and decided I needed to jump on planning out my own trip ahead of time. Anyways, I figured there’re a lot of Porsche enthusiasts here who would enjoy being there as well. Anywho, is anyone interested in going? Maybe we could have some sort of small LaLD gathering with some diecast and classic racing Porsches too. I am already trying to plan out what to bring to try and get some famous drivers to sign...

Anywho, it’s a ways out (last 4 days of september) but for this I’m planning early (plus so flights will be cheaper out there).


If anyone is curious on prices you get the tickets here:

Anyone who is not sure what Rennsport Reunion is, it’s basically Porsche racecars gathering at a major track in the world and having a good time. Where else can you see a 917, 962, 935K3, and 919 drive on a track? (don’t worry there’s every porsche racecar imaginable). And these are the real cars of our dreams... Here’s a video...

And another video...


and finally another one... (there’s too many good ones...)


Also I know Canepa motorsport is down the road and they happen to own the beastliest racecar ever made...


So yeah... I’m very very excited and figured I’d extend that excitement to all of you as well.


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