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Aoshima Grand Champion Vol 10 - October Release

No prizes for guessing which one will be the “chase” car.

This set has everything you either love or hate about “bosozoku” cars (which actually should be called “Kaido Racers” - “bosozoku” refers to motorbikes).


Either way - the red and white 240Z looks Boss and is a model of the 2016 Tokyo Motor Show entry from Liberty Walk.

I really hope my box will contain one...

Here’s a look at the whole line up. The way this works is your box will contain 12 cars - but not one of each - there will be one or two doubles, and you might miss out on that Z as it will not be in every box.


This is now available for pre-order at my favorite purveyor of all things Japanese and I got my order in.

Can’t wait...

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