Apparently I DO Need A Hole In My Head

I don’t think it’s any secret around here that I love the Porsche 911. And by love I mean I probably have at least 40 of them. Most of those 40 though, are of the 993,996, and 997 generations. Having pretty much every model and/or body of those respective generations, I decided to cut myself off from them, telling myself I needed another one like I needed a whole in my head.


Then I came across this Minichamps 997 911 GT2 RS at Replicarz for $70, and as quick as you can say PayPal, it was mine. I believe they’ve had them at this price for a while, but I guess I just had to get my mind right. And now it seems that they’ve discounted it even more as it is currently $60. Androoo already did a review of the model, but the quick take is this: If you like the 997, this is a must buy at this price. Happy Hawlin’

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