Big things with little cars

Are you ready (again) for an all new Car Culture?

If you think sequels only happens in the movie then think again. Just like the Terminator or Mad Max which turned out to be a surprise hit that resulted in sequels to the movies, the original Japan Historics paved the way for the initial success of Car Culture. Now a sequel to the sequel is coming soon. Meet the JP 3.

What’s cool about this release is the introduction on not just one or 2 but 3 new castings.


*Note all photos courtesy of 1stopdiecast and JNC.

1. ‘68 Mazda Cosmo

If you missed the TLV release, this is your chance to get a premium at a much lower price sans the opening bonnet.

2. Nissan Silvia


I believe this is the same car that was just released under the F&F Rewind.

3. Datsun Sunny truck


I think this will be one of the coolest vintage pickup to be issued.

The last 2 are the Honda City and Nissan Skyline RS 30.

Will this be a hit? Some say nothing tops the original and the JH2 was even a flop. Whether you agree or not will depend on the box office err.. I mean distribution and sales of this series. What do you think?

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