Hi, there! I’m Pywackett-Barchetta, and I, like many of you, very much enjoy collecting diecasts. But you can kinda guess that much already, so... Scratch that! Let’s try this again.

Hi, I’m Pywackett, and I love motorsports, I love automotive history, and it never ceases to fascinate me how excellently that little models can express anywhere from years and years of stories to one single iconic moment. How every little bit of metal, plastic, and chrome can embody the mind of its creators, the culture it came from, the world it was made to inhabit. And even if it were a total blank slate, the love and creativity of their owners - be they kids looking to recreate their favorite races and cause crazy demo derbies, adults picking up souvenirs for themselves and friends, or collectors of all ages building worlds just as glorious as their imaginations (and room space and materials) allow - always give these beautiful little machines a story.

Haulers upon haulers

And that’s something they share with their 1:1 scale counterparts. They might not be as physically possible to drive, at least from the driver’s seat, but so much of the history of motor vehicles is perfectly encapsulated in these replicas and original designs, at a mercifully far cheaper price. (I got a Pagani Huayra for $0.69 USD once.)

I absolutely love going over these stories and sharing them with whoever’ll listen. Seeing as my friends have heard most of these a dozen times from me already, I get the vibe they’d be a good deal more appreciated here! I may not be the best photographer, nor do I do too great a job of keeping everything all nice-nice in the original packaging, but I’d like to put my rambling where people wanna see it. (I’d say hear it, but... text.)


The Matchbox Desert Thunder V16, powering up the steep cliffs of some rocks in an unused lot

I’m very heavily biased towards stock car racing, rally, and American diecast manufacturers, but I’m having a grand time expanding my horizons and don’t intend to stop doing that anytime soon. Now I’m just ridiculously indecisive on a catchy name for these sorts of regular features... I’ve got some ideas, but if anybody’s got any suggestions how I should go about this, feel free to let me know! I look forward to being in your company and hopefully digging up some tales, anecdotes, and generally weird instances to amuse and surprise, with gratuitously beautiful scenery in the backdrop.

The Hot Wheels Mini Cooper, parked proudly in front of the Cape Cod Canal rail bridge