So, I had the Torchbug for a while in late June and July. I originally intended to take him down to Mid-Ohio to check out the Vintage Grand Prix, but bad weather that weekend put a stop to that. We did manage to find some other things to do, though...

Hey! Let’s go do something...

At the home of the Goodyear Blimp ‘Wingfoot One’. I requested a tour of the Airdock, but they have it closed off because they’re building the newest zeppelin inside.


That’s Wingfoot One, moored out behind the Airdock. Doesn’t look so big here...but it is actually nearly 250’ long. Generally it’s out flying around on summer evenings, but some bad weather was rolling in at that time.

Just an M5 Stuart and M4 Sherman by the side of the big deal...


At the home of the All American Soapbox Derby.

Center lane, from the finish line looking back towards the start.

...and across the line!


Yours front of the historical marker...

Part 2 later!

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