As usual, I went diecast hunting at the collectibles show this morning since I can’t shop on Wednesdays anymore due to traffic. This is what I ended up with today

First things I grabbed were these Miatas.

One of the things I really wanted today were these Greenlight Hakosukas. I can’t wait to DLM these later today and show you guys why.


Got one of these Momo 935/78s last week and shipped it off before taking photos. This week, I got one for myself to go with the Momo Team Transport.

Got this JL CR-X for a fellow LaLDer. It was the last one I saw hiding behind some 240SXs last week and luckily it was still there. Also got another 240SX for the same guy (or I thought I got one and will go back next week for it; the one in the first photo is the one from last week).


And an M2 Coca Cola Dodge Charger Daytona for another LaLDer... but I accidentally got the wrong one. Thought I’d be getting the regular release but they only had the Hobby Exclusive... hope he (and his son) doesn’t mind.


Plus found this Saleen S7 for myself

Price sticker says $15 but I definitely did not pay anywhere close to $15


The craziest part of today’s finds? There was a wall of these CUL8R T-Hunts.

Ended up buying seven. Why the heck am I hoarding so many of the same casting? CM6.


Total damage: $40

Bonus: I had a heck of a time trying to find a parking space this morning. I got very lucky that someone left 5 minutes after the doors opened for a quick purchase and took me to his spot while leaving. Apparently everyone was crowded there to get some autographs from The Undertaker. No I did not bother to walk to the other side of the building to check out all the hubbub.