Big things with little cars

No sign of the Japan Historics 2 at my Walmarts even after getting a tip from Plasticprints. So off to Target to check it out and no sign of them as well but...

this HW VW Panel is staring right at me (not even hidden but upfront) and I’m surprised no one took it. Is the Scooby Doo Pop Culture a recent release or is this old new stock that maybe Target found at the back? Excuse the potato quality as I took a quick picture as I don’t want to risk someone getting this while I’m adjusting my phone camera. LOL.


By the way I almost forgot this was the state of our Target before Christmas.

Someone or a few folks must be desperate for stocking stuffers that they took everything including fantasy cars and when I asked an associate they said that nothing is left at the back. Can your Target beat this LOL2?

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