I was out shopping anyway so I stopped in at the ol’ indoor/outdoor fleaquarium:

Left to right: Unbranded Matchbox 308 GTB ripoff...the Pioneer livery one to be more specific, unbranded Tomica (?) Corvette ripoff, unbranded Tomica ‘78 Lotus/Ford JPS ripoff (with bent wing from pit lane incident...), and another Tomica ripoff, the Firebird Trans Am. I love them all, but there were “real” diecast as well:

Actual Yat Ming Corvette, actual Corgi Ford Capri 3.0S, and an actual Playart Honda S800 with no windshield and a collapsed rear suspension.
So...Now I’m looking for a windshield for a diecast I never knew even existed ‘til today. Life is good.