Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Attention Customizers! ...Would you like to play a game?

So, I had an idea. Admittedly, it was when I finished a quick custom and lost steam for finishing it, but I think some good could come from this. I just wanted to lower the Green Charger 500 from recent release because I liked the tampos, but hated the stance. I figured I’d give it a light detail but when the stance was set, I decided I didn’t have a good vision for ending it.


What if, we did a sort of mid-custom exchange game. Big picture: Two people start a custom build separately, then mail their started customs to each other for the other to finish, then mail back.


I thought this could be a very cool way to not only get to know how others build their customs, but to get inspired by casts you normally wouldn’t think to customize. It could also be challenging.

There could be guidelines that I was thinking of that could be agreed upon by both parties prior to shipping. Some thoughts on these below:

  • Timeline: In order to keep the surprise factor (maybe its just me but I think surprises make everything more fun), both parties could agree on a week to ship out and agree to a week to return. This way, both parties would get the finished product back around the same time as not to influence the others build.
  • Feature to keep: Parties could provide 1 item they want to see kept on the final product. For example, if I sent out the dodge, I would say I want the stance kept for the final product. The other party could change everything on the cast except the brass axles I have in there. Including chopping off the fenders, changing wheels, going convertable, making it a wagon, etc.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some people who can think of ways to improve this idea. If anyone has interest in this game, please comment below!

Dodge for your pleasure:

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Also, it this becomes a thing, we’ll need a name for it.

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