Big things with little cars

Atwoods Hawl

I took a couple of days of vacations since yesterday was the wife’s birthday and mine is coming up quick. Yesterday we went to the local cafe and had lunch and needed to get some dog food so we ended up going to Atwoods. While there I noticed they had hotwheels on pegs so I went through them and didn’t really see much on my way out of that aisle I noticed some small scale tractors and picked up these two bad boys. I don’t know much about IH tractors but the John Deere is a 72o and I have actually operated a restored one that is pretty cool the diesel versions have a gasoline pony motor that you start first to get the main motor running.

Also I don’t know how you guys feel about guns but I picked this bad boy up as well. It is a Ruger SR1911 in .45 ACP and it is a dream to shoot and a gun that I have wanted for a long time. We have already run nearly 50 rounds through it.


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