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AutoArt Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R V-Spec II: Hello again, LaLD

For the past year or so, I have been just lurking around LaLD. Let us change that with this 1/18 Tuned R32 GT-R by AutoArt.

Note the photo-etched “Nissan” and “GT-R” badging. The taillight lenses look realistic, too. The tailpipe is finished in chrome, but the rest of the exhaust is in silver.
Note the gauges. If you look closely, there are proper dials and needles. Note also the carpet.
The dots on the door card are mirror controls, I presume.
BBS Mesh wheels and gold finish is a winning combo in my book. The rear brake disks spin with the wheels, while the single-piston Brembo calipers stay in place. A cool touch!
The front wheels are the same with the rears, save for the fact that they turn, and they have two-piston calipers. Note the “GT” fender badge.
The trunk, like the interior, is carpeted. One demerit for this model is that the bottom of the trunk rubber seal is not painted black.
The hood does not stay up, unlike the trunk. The engine and the bay itself is decently detailed.
Note the small hood hinges. While other manufacturers use thick hinges (thus compromising the under-hood details), AutoArt used thin ones which look to scale, making the engine bay look more realistic.
Note the radiator fan assembly behind the front fascia.
The “S” badge on the hood is photo-etched.
Very realistic headlamps.
Shining a light on the front reveals the intercooler.
The chassis is likewise detailed beautifully. We can see the four wheel drive system, and the rear steering assembly. However, only the front wheels steer. The chassis itself, including the front lip, is made out of plastic. Finally, the serial number indicates that this particular model is No. 442 of a limited run of 1,500.

At HKD 980 (US$ 124.90 or 6,583.88 Philippine Pesos), this is the most expensive model in my collection. The details and quality, however, justify this price.

What do you think, LaLD?

Thank you and have a great day!

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