So something I would never expect to happen... happened. It’s time for my rant. When my models arrived at my doorstep yesterday, I was ecstatic. I’ve been waiting for this car to come out since I saw the initial 2017 catalogue way back in Q4 of 2016. However..... keep reading.

The model themselves are nearly flawless (of course being a hand assembled model, no two models are exact) however.. because these are limited editions, they all come with certificates and a written number on the base of the cars.

This is where things got weird. The certificates that came with my cars did not match the car or the box.. So therefore like any other collector, I became a tad annoyed and worried. A email to the retailer (which I will not bluntly state) was in call. After a day of back and forth messages, we came to the conclusion that AutoArt themselves messed up the whole collection (or at least a major shipment of them) where they left the factory without certificates.. as a result, the certificates were shipped separately from the models.

Once both the certificates and model shipment got to the retailer, the warehouse people didn’t know the cars are numbered individually and stuffed a certificate in a random box.. AS A RESULT, looks like none of the xxxx/1200 models have matching certificates.

I’ll provide one example:


So If you want one, might have to wait a bit until AutoArt and online retailers resolves this unnecessary and rather disappointing situation.

Again... models themselves are still spot on and amazing, so don’t let this detract you from a purchase (albeit I would recommend waiting a little bit)

Okay. Rant done... go about your LaLD days haha.