I had a great Saturday today, though I am completely exhausted. I’m just about 4 weeks in now to being a dad and my kind and loving wife let me go play with my 1:1 today, though I probably shouldn’t have been operating a vehicle in that manner on 4 or so hours of sleep, thank you caffeine! The venue where I autocross is about an hour south of me and my route takes me by the only TRU in the whole county as well as a Walmart that always seems to be stocked with the latest and greatest.

Obligatory autocross picture from last month...

After a fairly successful day chasing cones I stopped by TRU. Low and behold they had the complete elusive remaining set of 6 Supreme Heroes as well as the 4th one that I had been missing! I’m really stoked to have this complete set now, I really think MB did a stellar job on this line.

Next stop was Wally World. Now this is where it gets really good. They had two Toyota 2000GT’s hanging on the pegs (to which I could add my F&F Charger find from earlier in the week) and the new MB Ford semi that I am planning on doing a wheel swap on stat! Next I go over to the pegs and could tell the whole lot had been freshly stocked so I started my routine. Bam! 4th peg in I find a Toyota Supra STH, score! So I keep looking and looking, bam! 12th peg in I find a second Toyota Supra STH. I kept telling myself no way! So there you have it folks, not a bad day in any respect.

I am putting up one of my 2000GT’s as well as both Supra STH up for trade, the later of which I’m not very found of but if I could get a STH Boss 302 or a STH 510 Wagon then we have a deal! Other trade offers better be pretty decent aka no mainlines (unless it’s a #19 Ferrari GTO out of the Ferrari 5 pack from years back, I’d trade for that).


Now for some pictures!

The missing 4th from the 1st batch...


The whole set of 6 from the second and final batch, I hear these are pretty hard to come by...

Can’t wait to get my swapping on!


What can I say, this is a HAWL!!!