Back by popular demand, this Mazda is the smallest 1/43 in my meager collection!

Up until about a year ago I had really wanted to import one of these because holy crap how awesome is this? Tiny turbo Suzuki engine, 5-speed manual, mid engine, gullwing doors and small enough to park in the bed of my truck. It may as well have been made just for 62" tall me! I still love the things, but one automobile is enough right now.

This particular model was given to me as a sort of trade with a friend. I then displayed it on my desk at work for a while, during which time the passenger side mirror broke off! That’s what I get for not displaying it properly, I guess.


Anyway, the detail on this is really good, as with all of Ebbro’s stuff. Ebbro is impressive partly because they build so many keijidosha models, and therefore necessarily build smaller and smaller details.

Did I mention that the wheels are fantastic? I am a big fan of steel wheels and think these look excellent.


A size comparison with my Impreza. The AZ-1 is tiny.


That’s about all. I’ve been experimenting with better lighting today (two desk lamps instead of one!), and am still stuck with the phone for image capturing, so it’s all quite limited. I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

PS- Posted at 7:00 am because it has a 657cc engine... get it?