AW11 MR2 Pace car with Classic TRD livery

That’s how I found it, amongst a pile of trashed Hotwheels and Matchbox cars. It was the only one in a package, ripped in half, but still never opened. The best part is that it was $1. I was with family in VT before Christmas and while on an outing of antiquing, while I muttered to myself “who the hell would buy that and why is that so expensive”. I stumbled on this little gem, just waiting for me to find it.


It’s a great looking casting, two pieces actually. It has scale-ish 15-16" wheels and the color combo is just classic.

It even sports the Toyota script on the rear window visor that was such an iconic feature of the AW11. I think this one is ripe for a little bit of detail paint, some tail lights would really pop on it.

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