[pic is from my dad-in-law] My dad-in-law texted me yesterday with this pic and said “If you decide to do a 1/25 layout sometime I have a truck for you”. Little did he know, I have actually eyed that exact truck before when I visited them, so yes I’ll take it! A 1/24 scale diorama was next on my list any ways! But the day got better!

Later that night my great aunt ( my mom’s father’s sister) FB private messaged me, “I am at meijers which johnny lighting car do you want?” I told her the jeep wagoneer, fully expecting it to be gone until she typed “They have it. 1981". Wait, they have it?!

“That’s it. I’d prefer the white with wood grain, but I’d take the black with wood grain too”

“Its the white with wood grain.”

As MrsZtp would say, “Yessssssss”, :).

So I’m über excited. Not only to I get a 1/25 scale truck that comes with props, I also get the JL wagoneer I’ve been searching for over a year!


I first saw the wagoneer at Tractor Supply, rebadged as a Ertl. They were also loose though and on clearance, with the budget to afford just one car, I choose the Jeep Cherokee instead ( fantastic choice btw). I never saw the Wagoneer being sold again,. Since JL has come back, that’s what I focused my diecast hunting skills on, but to no avail. Now I’ll finally get it, :).

My family is awesome.